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Student Online Application


University Name:
Program & Degree:
Family Name:
Given Name :
Place & Date of Birth: Gender:
Marital Status: Occupation:
Nationality: Religion:
Passport No: Date of Expire:
Email: Phone No:
Father’s Name: Occupation:
Mother’s Name: Occupation:
Financial Sponsor Name/Relationship: Occupation :
Financial Sponsor Add & Tel:
Permanent Home Add & Tel:     
Post Add & Tel if different from Permanent Home Add & Tel


Name of School :     
Location(City/Country) :
Date of attendance from:
Date of attendance to:
Certificate Degree awarded:
Percentage / Level of Mark:
Language of instruction :

Note: This Form is also the reference of applying JW202 VISA FORM from the State Ministry of Education, so please fill seriously , any mistake or false or not detailed information may cause application suspend or failed applying for Visa

Medical Universities China offer Medical programs in English

Universities China offer Engineering programs in English

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Schools in China offer Businees programs in English

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(NUAA) South China University of Technology

Colleges in China offer Chinese Language program

Anhui University

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