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Courses - Changsha Science & Technological University

Civil Engineering:

General courses in the first two years

Basic College Computer
Learning Guide for College Students
College English
Advance Mathematics
The projection geometry
Military Theories
Military Training
Physical Education
Mental Health for College Students
Fortran Language
College Phycics
Moral Cultivation and Fundamentals of Law
Civil Engineering Practice
Civil Engineering Drawing
Outline of China’s Modern History
C Language Programming
VB programming
Chemistry for Engineering
Introduction to Civil Engineering
Applied Writing
Optional courses for Students of humanism and Science
College physics Experiment
The Basic Principle of Marxism
Probability & Statistics B
Engineering Geology
Engineering Geology Practice A
Architectural Timbering
Architectural Timbering Experiment
Theoretic Mechanics B
Linear Algebra
Contemporary World Economy and Politics
Electrician Electron Foundation
Material Mechanics £¨B£©
Survey practice A
Engineering Economics
Bridge Hydrology
Practice of Bridge Hydrology
Hydraulics A(1)
elastic mechanics B

the five tracks of the major in following the last two years

1. track of road engineering

Road Reconnaissance Design
Breinforced concrete¡¢brick and stone structure
Highway route surveying
Structural Mechanics A
Hydrography of bridge and culvert
Hydraulics A
Soil Mechanics B
Engineering compound material
Electrician Electron Foundation
Civil engineering
Project Management
Environmental Engineering B
Bidding and contract management
Engineering Economics
Foundational Engineering B
Course design of foundation engineering B
Subgrade and pavement engineering
road administration
Geosynthetics highway design and engineering principles
Highway project economic evaluation and analysis of the decision-making
Computing Mechanics B
Transportation Planning B
Special subgrade engineering
Bridge Engineering B
Course Design of Bridge Engineering
Practice of Bridge Engineering
Construction Arragement and Engineering Budget B
Road interchange engineering
road construction technique
Engineering financing and cost control
Summary of Engineering Machinery
Transportation Engineering
Structural Experiment C
Pavement computation and highway CAD
Pavement Management System
Pavement maintaining and overlaying technique
Specialty English
Graduate Education

2. track of bridge engineering

Surveying £¨A£©
Structural Mechanics A
The Principle of Structure Design A
Practice of the Principle of Structure Design
Soil Mechanics B
Summary of Engineering Machinery
Environmental Engineering B
Transportation Planning B
Highway Engineering B
Practice of Highway Engineering
Road Reconnaissance and Design B
Foundation Engineering C
Bridge Engineering A (1)
The Principle of steel structure design
Software for Engineering analysis A
Engineering project management C
Transportation Engineering B
Control Surveying of Bridge and Tunnel
Bidding and contract management
Course design of foundation engineering A
Structural Experiment B
Bridge Calculation
Bridge Engineering A (2)
Course Design of Bridge Engineering
Construction Arrangement and Engineering Budget B
Tunnel Engineering
Testing and maintenance of Bridge
windproof and shockproof of bridge
Aesthetics for Bridge
Construction Technic of Bridge
Specialty English
Graduate Education

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