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English Medium Courses - South China University of Technology

1. Bachelor Degree Programs in English Medium: 
 - Duration: 4 years
(1). International Economics and Trade,
(2). Computer Science and Technology
(3). Business Administration
(4). Civil Engineering
(5). Environmental Engineering
2. Master Degree Programs in English Medium:
- Duration: 2 years
(1). Master of Business Administration ( MBA )
(2).  Electrical and Computer Engineering
3. Doctoral Degree Programs in English Medium:
- Duration: 3 years
(1). Control Theory and Control Engineering
(2). Systems Engineering
(3). Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
(4). Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment
(5). Pulp and Paper Engineering
(6). Sugar Engineering
(7). Amylum Resource Science and Engineering
(8). Food Science
(9). Cereals,  Oil and Vegetable Protein Engineering
(10). Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products
(11).  Food Quality and Safety
(12).  Biomass Science and Engineering
(13). Environmental Science and Engineering

B.Eng. in Computer Science and Technology

Introduction to Computer Science, Priciples of Computer Systems, Data Structure, Program Design of High-level Language, Operating System, Principles of Compiling, Computer Network, Database, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, The Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Embedded System, Formal Language and Automation, etc.

B.A. in E-Business and Logistics Management

Principle of Computer and Application, Higher Computing Language: C++ Programming and Design, Probability and Statistics, Essentials of Economics, Principles of Electronic Business, Principles of Management, Accounting, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Operational Research, International Trade and Purchase Logistics, E-Business Security and Secrecy, etc.

B.Econ. in International Economics and Trade

Principle of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade Principle and Policy, International Finance Principle and Policy, Financial Management, econometrics, Introduction to Chinese Foreign Trade, Commercial Law, Accounting, Principle of Management, Currency Banking, Marketing, International Logistics, International Trade Negotiation, etc.

B.A. in Tourism Management

Tourism Studies, Management, Outline of Hotel Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Tourism Business, Tourist Consumer Behavior, Operational Management of Food Industry, Accounting, Tourism Psychology, Tourism Resource Development and Management, Commercial Law, Outline of E-Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing, etc.