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Application and Registration - Wenzhou Medical University

Qualification for Application

Undergraduate: An applicant who is  minimum a high secondary graduate with good health and without criminal record, applicants for Dental program should be used to right hand to operate (b) Applicants must have passed Grade twelve (10+2) or equivalent , (c) minimum 60% score in science subjects (PCB): Physics, Chemistry, Biology (d) Among all the subjects, English Language is as a compulsory one and the level is good , (e) Age should be minimum 18 years old at the time of admission or will complete this age on 31st October of the year of his/her admission

Documents for Application:

Undergraduate: An applicant should submit the scan copies Certificate of Senior Higher School or Highest Academic Degree Obtained along with Transcript(mark sheet), scan copy of Passport and passport size picture by email attachment 

Time of application and registration:

There is autumn - Oct/Sept session yearly; the admission deadline is July 30, it may close early too if the seats are filled according to Availability of seat, Any student should submit his/her documents and confirm seats before July 30 so that college can process Admission Letter and JW202 Study Visa Form in time. The class starts in Oct/Sept and new foreign students shall come to the college sign up and register in Oct/Sept

Application Procedure:

The students for the above mentioned programs should apply through and submit related documents scan copy by email attachment along with Student Online Application Form to College’s representative---Worlin Education or it’s Authorized Agents, After assessing the application Form with all necessary documentation, the college will issue the Admission Letter and JW202 Study Visa Form and forward to the college’s representative, then the college’s representative or it’s Authorized Agents will post to the candidates After receiving the Admission Letter and JW202 Study Visa Form, the students should go through the formalities of visa in the Chinese embassy of respective countries.  Please send scan copy of document to the email address Contact us 

Entrance and Registration:

1. The class starts in Oct/Sept and new foreign students should come to the School of International Studies to sign up and register.
2. New foreign students should go through the following procedures at registration.
2.1 Submit their Admission Letter signed signature, passport along with X (Study) Visa and JW202 Visa Form, original parent’s Assurance Letter, original senior high school certificate and mark sheet to the college
2.2 Pay off all of fees to the college
2.3 Make confirmations of Foreigner’s Health Checking Record at local hospital in china.
2.4 Apply for Foreigner Residence Permits from the Division of Aliens and Exit- Entry Administration Municipal Public Security Bureau.
3. Attend entrance education for half a day and listen to the introduction of the laws, decrees and regulations and rules that foreign students should abide by in China .

final information is subject to what mentioned in Admission Letter