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About SDUST - Shandong Science & Technological University

Brief Introduction :

Shandong University of Science and Technology(SDUST) , a key university of Shandong Province with distinct features ,offers multidisciplinary education in engineering , sciences ,management ,literature, law ,economics and education while giving prominence to engineering and is noted for mining technology.

The University now has 3 campuses located respectively in Qingdao, Tai’an and Jinan , covering a total area of 243.16 hectares with a floor space of 1.35 million square meters. The University comprises 16 academic colleges, 9 departments and 1 independent college. There are 5 post-doctoral research stations, 3 level-1 doctoral programs with 24 disciplines/specialties conferring doctor’s degrees, 7 disciplines with Taishan Scholar professors of Shandong Province, 12 level-1 master’s degree programs with 77 disciplines/specialties conferring master’s degrees, 14 domains conferring master of engineering degrees, and 72 undergraduate programs. The University also boasts 1 state key discipline (under cultivation), 27 provincial/ministerial key disciplines (laboratories), 1 provincially-strengthened research base of humanities and social sciences, 1 Qingdao City key laboratory, 1 engineering research center of the Ministry of Education, 7 provincial-level research centers of engineering and technology. Also attached to the University are a professional center with an authorization of the National Manufacturing Informationization Training Center, a foreign language training center under the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Shandong—Russia Center of Scientific Cooperation, and Qingdao Manufacturing Informationization Personnel Cultivation Base. The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences set up a China Science Center at the University, the only one in China.

The university edits and publishes Journal of Technology (natural sciences edition),Journal of Shandong University of Science and Technlogy .The University ,with a history of more than half a century ,has cultivated its fine ethos of Unity ,Diligence,Truth-seeking and Innovation.It will spare no efforts to build itself into a high level multidisciplinary research university with strong engineering disciplines and mining technology.

International Cooperation:

The University of Nottingham (UK)
Paris Academy of Computer Science (France)
Fach Hochschule Ansbach(Germany)
Cambridge College ( USA)
Kuzbas State University of Technology (Russia)
Woosuk University (Korea)
Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (Australia)
Fukuoka University of Technology (Japan)
Helwan University (Egypt)
University of Toronto (Canada)