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Courses - Shandong Science & Technological University

1. Bachelor Degree Programs in English Medium: 
 - Duration: 4 years
(1). Mechatronic Engineering
(2). Telecommunications Engineering
(3). Chemical Engineering and Technology
(4). Mining Engineering
2. Master Degree Programs in English Medium:
- Duration: 3 years
(1). Civil Law & Commercial Law
(2). English Language & Literature
(3). Physical Geography
(4). System Analysis & Integration
(5). Engineering Mechanics
(6). Mechatronic Engineering
(7). Precision Instrument & Machinery
(8). Power Machinery & Engineering
(9). Electrical Machinery & Appliance
(10). Power System & Its Automation
(11). Power Electronics & Power Drives
(12). Physical Electronics, Circuit & System
(13). Communication & Information System
(14). Control Theory & Control Engineering
(15). Detection Technology & Automatic Equipment
(16). System Engineering
(17). Pattern Recognition & Intelligence System
(18). Navigation
(19). Guidance & Control
(20). Computer System Structure
(21). Computer Software & Theory
(22). Computer Application Technology
(23). Geotechnical Engineering
(24). Geodesy & Surveying Engineering
(25). Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
(26). Survey Instrument and System
(27). Chemical Engineering
(28). Chemical Technology
(29). Biochemical Engineering
(30). Applied Chemistry
(31). Industrial Catalysis
(32). Coal Chemical Industry
(33). Geodetection and Information Technology
(34). Geological Engineering
(35). Traffic Information Engineering and Control
(36). Transportation Planning and Management
(37). Software Engineering
(38). Computer Software Theory
(39). Information Science

Telecommunication Engineering(B.Sc)

Physical Education
Higher Mathematics
Computer Fundamentals
Project Charting & CAD
Introduction to Communication
Metalwork Practice
C Language
College Physics
Linearity Algebra
Theory of Probability & Mathematical Statistics
Complex Variable Function and Integral Transformation
Visual C Language
Circuit Analysis
VC Course Design
Fields Theory
Analog Electronic Circuit
Digital Electronic Circuit
Signal & Systems
Eectronic Craft Course Designs
Electromagnetic Field Theory
High-frequency Electronic Circuits
Digital Signal Processing
Signal Processing and System Analysis Course Design
Information theory
Communication Principles
Foundation of Microwave Technology
Computer Networks
Singlechip Application Technology Course Design
Communications Systems
Modern Exchange Principle
Communications Systems Course Design
TV Manufacture

Mechatronic Engineering (B.Sc)

Physical Education
Engg. Mathematics-
Computer Fundamentals
Machine Design & CAD
Introduction to Major
C Language
College Physics
Linearity Algebra
Engineering Statics
Theoretical Mechanics
Metal Material and Heat Treatment
Material Mechanics
Electronic Circuits Principle
Applied Computer Skills
Mechanical Principle Course Ddesigns
Fluid Mechanics
Mechanical Design
Electronics Technology
Fluid Mechanics
Mechanical Manufacture Basis
Mechanical Design Course Design
Hydraulic Transmission
Engineering Measurement & Signal Processing
Numerical Control Technology
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Modern Design Method
Hydraulic Transmission Course Design
Basis of Mechanical Engineering Control
Mechatronics System Design
Power Supply for Factory
Digital Simulation
Internet Technology
Basis of Robot Technique
Hydraulic Sevo Control
Machinery Fault Diagnosis Technology

Chemical Engineering & Technology (B.Sc)

Physical Education
Advanced Mathematics
Basic Computer Culture
Inorganic Chemistry
College Physics
Analytical Chemistry
Integrated Experiments
Linearity Algebra
College Physics
Basic Computer Technology
Organic Chemistry
Functional Polymer
Mechanic Drawing
Theory of Probability & Mathematical Statistics
Physical Chemistry
Instrumental Analysis
Chemical Technology
Chemical Engineering & Safety Engineering
Metals Processing Practice
Applied Computer Skills
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Principles of Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering & Electronics
Experimental Design & Data Processing
Acquaintance Practice
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Chemical Engineering Separation
Chemical Equipment
Analysis & Development in Chemical Process
Chemistry of Fine Chemical Production..
Coal Chemistry
Industrial Catalysis
Electrical Engineering & Electronics
Chemical Engineering Instrument &Automation
Chemical Equipment Course Design
Chemical Principle Course Design
Chemical Engineering Process Simulation & Optimization
Oil Refinery
Chemical Engineering Design & Drawing
Chemical Engineering Literature Retrieval
Environmental Pollution Control
Separation Technology & Equipment
Organic Fine Chemical Technology
Production Practice
Field Teaching
Chemical Technology Design