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Harbin City

About Harbin City:

Harbin (Ha’erbin),The capital of Heilongjiang Province, North of China, Harbin developed rapidly during the early-mid 20th century thanks to the construction of the Trans-Siberian Express Railroad. Located on the Songhuajiang River, Harbin became a major trading outpost for domestic trade and international trade with Russia. This Russian influence can be seen in many of the buildings and churches around the town, and there are more Russian speakers in Harbin than English speakers in the city.

Harbin is a place of many contradictions. increasing huge and stark skyscrapers, but also winding streets of quaint, colonial architecture, and impressive Siberian Tiger conservation policies. These contradictory scenes continue back in time, so that the history of Harbin is one of turbulence and economic prosperity. Nowadays this old Chinese outpost is a place not overly visited by travelers, despite the popular Ice Lantern Festival and the other great good reasons to visit. Anyone interested in history, Russian or Japanese architecture, skiing, tigers, or traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railway could do a lot worse than Harbin.

Major Industries: Power Station Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Linen Production
Urban Area and the population: It covers 1637 sq. km .The population is 3,940,000 .
Transportation: The city is convenient for all means of transportation to and from the city. What’s more, Harbin is also one of China’s gateways into vast Siberia, Russia and northeast Asia.
Temperature: It has an average annual temperature of 12℃